The Vision and Values

V Core Values


Passion is the main reason the individuals in our companies are recognized as leaders in their fields. It’s not just our passion for design and high quality craftsmanship, but an ardent love for the process of transformation and pleasing our clients. Our designers, woodworkers, and finishers are artists, and they see every project as an opportunity to create and produce something beautiful.


One of the most incredible things about the collective is the ability to develop truly innovative solutions to common and uncommon requests or difficulties. Our engineering is top-notch, and designers and cabinetmakers are encouraged to try new things and edit processes to do what sometimes seems like magic! We guarantee you will be impressed.


Our companies came together because of a common dedication to superior performance for our clients, and the expectation that our subcontractors will perform to our high standards. Dedication to our cabinet shop has resulted inour having the tools, machines, and materials to produce anything our clients demand. Dedication to quality, value, and efficiency has allowed us to produce some cabinetry at the same prices we sold it for in the 1980s.


If there is one thing we demand from each other and our subcontractors, it would be integrity. Our bids consistently account for all issues, and are detailed out so that you know exactly what we’re providing you for the price we’ve given. Many cabinet makers and trim carpenters will give a price that they inevitably go over, and one cannot expect that they will assume that financial loss; In order to make it up, they too often cut corners, which means you receive a lower quality than you initially expected. This will not happen with the companies in The V Collective because we value honesty and openness with our clients, and our commitment to quality prevents us from putting out any product that falls below our standards. If you incur problems later, we guarantee that we’ll be here to fix them for you.


We believe in excellence in service, design, fabrication, and installation. We believe in doing things correctly from the beginning, and that begins with our communication with clients. We strive to understand exactly what you want from us, which allows us to design a product that fits your dream and budget. Great design and constant interaction with our designers leads to a simplified fabrication process in the cabinet shop. Extensive experience with our products, communication from every level of the project, and high standards of craftsmanship make our installation the best in the area. Providing you with beautiful and functional design, incredible quality, and flawless installation is how we serve you best.

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