Our Strength

Individual Attention. Collective Power.

All of us have felt, at one time or another that we don’t mean anything as individuals to a large corporation. We don’t get the one-on-one care and interaction that we need and it leaves us feeling unsatisfied and overwhelmed. The V Collective is the area’s best alternative to the corporation. We are composed of small businesses, acting both individually and together.

Our clients receive small-business service without losing access to big business versatility and low cost. Each company within the collective is dedicated to bringing their client the best possible product and service, and since we all work together, the rest of the collective has a vested interest in satisfying the needs of that client as well.

What does it mean to be a collective?

Let’s say that Mr. & Mrs. Johnson have decided to remodel their home. They are finishing their basement, updating their kitchen and hearthroom, and upgrading their master bedroom. This means they will need a kitchen & bath designer, a cabinetry and millwork designer, interior trim carpenters and installers,  and multiple companies who build the actual product being designed and install everything into their home. Traditionally, the Johnsons would have two options:

  1. Seek out multiple companies to complete the work.
  2. Go with one company who might be able to fill all their needs. If the Johnsons used The V Collective, they have a third option.
  3. They get the best of both worlds: Specialized companies to design, produce and install their product, who all work together to create a cohesive plan, coordinate the project, and lower their cost. Their kitchen could be designed by The Kitchen Design Studio, their master bath and lower-level bar by Don Justice Cabinet Makers, and their new mantel, built-ins, and home media center by Innerwood. Hueber Brothers would install their interior trim, all of the cabinets, and Innerwood and Company, in collaboration with Don Justice Cabinet Makers, would build every bit of the product.

These companies, all members of The V Collective, would coordinate everything from design to install together, leaving little required of the Johnsons aside from choosing the design and the best time for the product to be installed. If one company makes a mistake (and mistakes happen), the collective is there to collaborate on the fix.

Working as a collective means that we can collaborate on projects to meet the needs of our clients without having to step beyond our individual expertise and specialties.

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